Philanthropy Coaching

with Mark Ewert, The Giving Coach

You give money to good causes… but are you making a real difference in the world?

You are already financially generous—but are you doing it skillfully so you create the most benefit? We are surrounded by causes and organizations requesting our help. How do you choose which causes are the most important, find the organizations using the most effective methods, and decide on the most strategic ways to contribute? It is easy to make mistakes when you open your checkbook to everyone who asks. This is true whether you are an individual, family, corporate, or foundation donor.

Sometimes philanthropy seems like a little boat floating precariously on a vast and angry ocean. But I’ve come to believe that in answering a few key questions we can shape the rudder and sails of that boat.
– Alan Alda; actor, author, and thoughtful philanthropist

Thoughtful giving requires clarity, planning, and strategy – with near-term and long term goals. When you work with The Giving Coach, you get an independent, unbiased, and well-informed “thinking partner” for your philanthropic investments. Coaching support for your charitable giving will help you:

  • Get more grounded in your passion and focus on what you really care about
  • Expand your knowledge about those challenges
  • Find out who is working on them and how
  • Understand what efforts are making positive change happen
  • Identify ways that you can contribute, where it will make the most difference
  • Make a flexible, sustainable, and effective plan

Click here to read a case study about Chad, a Philanthropy Coaching client working toward a “big dream.”

Here is what a client says about the coaching results [note: the identities of my clients, and all of their information is kept confidential]:

What I have gained from these four sessions about charitable giving will last a lifetime. And it has sparked other things that will have a lasting influence. For instance with a good financial plan, I will be able to work out my true capacity for giving. This will make me even more impactful.

 Here is what a client recommends to you:

I know you are supporting various charities already. This process will help you do more, to be more focused and more strategic in your charitable planning, to have a greater effect. These 4 sessions are an easy way to access that: to gain clarity about your values and priorities, and looking to the future about what you can accomplish in coming years. And it is not just about money, it is also about dedicating your time to charitable service.

 Call Mark Ewert today to find out about The Skillful Giving Coaching Package (4 sessions), and get started becoming a more skillful giver.



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