Public Speaking

Passion, Knowledge, & Skills to Help Your Audience Grow More Skillful in Giving

Mark Ewert is a warm, caring, and dynamic speaker. He brings out people’s experiences, delivers research, and tells stories on a wide variety of charitable giving and philanthropy-related topics. Mark has a light-hearted and engaging style that delivers real value. Download Mark’s Speaker One-Sheet here.

Keynotes, Breakouts, & Workshops: Topics Include

Maximizing Your Charitable Impact

Identify high performing nonprofits, choose the best form for your gift, and create a plan for sustainability

Learning and Guiding Financial Generosity

Use the PRIMES© model to guide people into being charitable

Charitable Giving Across Generations

Engage children, grandchildren, and others loved ones in growing together with charitable giving

Growing Generosity in Communities

Gathering together to grow generosity and fuel a mission creates powerful dynamics. Learn to nurture them well, so they build social ties and resources

What People are Saying

“Mark is knowledgeable – and ‘expert’, he comes across as warm, caring and empathetic, and his insights are valuable – right on.”

“I have heard so many people say that your training was the best they’ve ever had.”

“In gratitude for your knowledge, expertise, and charisma – yes charisma!”

Mark is happy to work with your group to customize a presentation or a longer workshop that will work best for your participants. Contact Mark to check your dates against his schedule.

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