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McCannMark provided excellent coaching for me as a non-profit leader, helping with everything from management skills to problem-solving to leadership philosophy and direction.  
– Barbara McCann, Author and Former E.D. of The Complete Streets Coalition

How Leadership Coaching Works

By the time most people have reached a position of leadership in an organization, they have highly developed skills, intelligence, and savvy. However you may still be looking for ways to stay fresh, manage stress, have more impact, and meet new challenges. Going to a workshop at a conference may no longer be that useful to you, and examples from other workplaces might not be helpful either. Personal coaching provides professional development that is custom-crafted to your “learning edge.” It leverages your real-time challenges within your organizational system, and practical, on-the-job approaches to create professional growth opportunities. Leadership coaching can help you develop authentic leadership presence, achieve maximum impact, and deliver outstanding business results.

Mark Ewert can provide the following types of coaching support (details are below, so click on the category and it will bring you down to that section);

Mark Ewert’s Background

As a leadership coach, Mr. Ewert is an expert listener, a careful observer, and a challenging questioner. This helps his clients, like you, to find the greater clarity of vision, superior resilience, and increased energy needed for truly effective leadership. He is an International Coaching Federation Certified Coach (PCC) and received his certification in Leadership Coaching through the Institute for Transformational Leadership of Georgetown University.

Formats for Leadership Coaching

Coaching for Individual Leaders

  • Coaching can be sponsored by your organization or you can choose to have coaching independently of your workplace.
  • A 360-degree feedback assessment is recommended, so you can get an objective view of your current performance from people who work with you regularly.
  • Coaching meetings are usually an hour in duration, every other week, but can be longer or more frequent as needed.
  • Coaching can happen live or on the phone, location is flexible based on mutual convenience.
  • Our agreement includes phone and e-mail support, questions, and resources between meetings.


Peer Coaching Groups

  • Brings peers together to network and support each other through coaching
  • Peers share accountability and support to address their current problems and goals
  • Provides a space for people to practice and reinforce their own coaching skills
  • Each participant is equally dedicated to the other’s learning and development
  • Helps to cultivates strong, authentic relationships among peers

Work Team Coaching

  • Is used to establish or improve good team dynamics and functioning with a group of people working together to accomplish specific results. It is particularly effective if a group is new, in a major transition, or is having difficulty achieving results.
  • Is done in real-time with one or more individuals in the group
  • Generates: higher levels of performance, the resolution of the team’s core challenges, and growth for individuals on the team.

What is the Next Step?

  • Contact Mark Ewert today for a complementary coaching session, to determine the match between your objectives and his approach.
I Can Help You… I Can Assist Your Organization… I Can Optimize Your Performance…
Keep your passion and vision alive in the midst of challenge and conflict.Manage your stress and anxiety in difficult situations.Be confident; survive and thrive in your organization.Lead your team, and manage challenges with your direct reports. Fully develop your vision, far beyond just meeting narrow goals or competing with other organizations.Build alliances and foster genuine relationships with other divisions, organizations, and partners.Discover new possibilities for change while making your organizational culture more effective. Have more versatile emotional intelligence and collaborative leadership skills.Exercise an expansive impact, well beyond where it is today.Solidify and enhance your leadership style and presence.

Download Mark’s Leadership Coaching PDF.  LeadershipCoachingWithMarkEwert

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