About Generosity

Definition: A noun derivative of generous

Generous (Compact Oxford English Dictionary, 3rd Ed. (2005))

Function: adjective
  1. freely giving more than is necessary or expected.
  2. kind towards others.
  3. larger or more plentiful than is usual.
  4. Origin: originally in the sense “of noble birth”: from Latin generosus ‘noble, magnanimous’.

About Generosity:

  • Generosity is supported by all of the major religious traditions and is universally considered a “virtue.”
  • Money is a sensitive topic that people often consider private.
  • Philanthropy is “hot” right now and is becoming more a part of the mainstream culture.
  • Some people are using charitable giving as a new kind of consumerism: as a way to establish status, as a type of intangible acquisition.
  • Generosity as a spiritual endeavor.
  • Financial generosity can contribute to feelings of “generativity” (Eric Ericson – to care for and guide the next generation), achievement, satisfaction, belonging, and connectedness.
  • Generosity is a cornerstone of social justice work. It can correct disparities and bridge the gap between groups of people.

Deep Satisfaction is not something you can purchase;
ironically, it is gained more directly by giving money away.

– Mark Ewert


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