The Essentials of Electronic Giving

Source, Flickr user Mike Licht

Source, Flickr user Mike Licht





If you are only accepting cash or checks for donations, you are not offering your contributors options for giving – probably some they would prefer. This is not “making it easy” for people to give you donations, nor is it adapting to how people use money in the 21st century.

But Where to Start?

Recently Bill Clontz and I presented a workshop on electronic giving to a packed room in Portland, Oregon. We gave the basics, more advanced tools, and emerging hardware/software for electronic giving. We also covered costs, decision making, and roll-out examples.

This workshop was being live-streamed across the country, so a video version should be available on the web soon. However, we wanted you to have the slideshow right away.

Let us know if you need help with integrating electronic giving into your procedures, or with your stewardship more generally.

Here is the slideshow:

GA2015 EGiving Workshop

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