Spiritual Economist Arturo Paoli

As someone who constantly thinks, writes, and talks about stewardship, I gather information broadly, from diverse sources. Over the last number of years, I have been inspired by a Catholic priest who is now 102-years-old: Arturo Paoli.


Arturo Paoli photo by Davide Dutto, Fondo Documentazione Arturo Paoli

Arturo Paoli photo by Davide Dutto, Fondo Documentazione Arturo Paoli

Paoli is almost unknown in the English speaking world, yet his life reads like an adventure movie script: saving Jews from the Holocaust, forming unions with miners and prostitutes, escaping hit men in South America. A lifelong writer, he has been a vocal critic of globalization and capitalism. His writings may also have informed Pope Francis’ critique of world economic systems. Yet growing out his fellowship with some of the poorest people on earth and his deep faith, Paoli says extraordinary things like:

When it circulates fairly…money distributes justice.


Money must be the sacrament of friendship and not of division, the maker of peace and not of war.

What would our stewardship look like if we understood money in this way, rather than as filthy lucre? Paoli inspired me to write an article about him for Sojourners Magazine, a progressive Christian publication of the social justice organization of the same name. It is in the current issue, please pick it up in your local bookstore or read it online. Sojourners was gracious enough to give me a link that avoids their pay-wall for content so you could read it. I hope you enjoy the message!

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