Last-Minute Giving in 2013

Here is some Generosity Path news: I am now supplying content to The Motley Fool website (a multimedia financial-services company dedicated to building the world’s greatest investment community). Here is how my first posting for them begins:

Photo by Jono Kane, used by Creative Commons permission
Photo by Jono Kane, used by Creative Commons permission

If you are trying to get charitable donations out the door and have almost no time to spend, here’s how to do a decent job.

Maybe something happened this year that gave you a wake-up call, touched your heart, or got you thinking it was time to “pay it forward” or pay it back. You really had intended to spend some time on your charitable-giving strategy, setting some goals and creating a plan. But like everyone else, you’ve been busy. Thanksgiving came late, the holidays have been hectic, and wham — it’s the end of the year. Well there is still time, and nonprofits will welcome your gifts even at the 11th hour.

If your time is so short that you have wedged this task between picking up your dog at the vet and dressing to go out on New Year’s Eve, check The Motley Fool posting to find some strategies to ensure that you are reasonably effective in making a difference with your contributions.

Happy New Year!

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