Philanthropy Coaching

with Mark Ewert, The Giving Coach

You give money to good causes… but are you making a real difference in the world?

You are already financially generous—but are you doing it skillfully so you create the most benefit? We are surrounded by causes and organizations requesting our help. How do you choose which causes are the most important, find the organizations using the most effective methods, and deciding on the most strategic ways to contribute? It is easy to make mistakes when you open your checkbook to everyone who asks.

Thoughtful giving requires clarity, planning, and strategy – with near-term and long term goals. When you work with The Giving Coach, you get an independent, unbiased, and well-informed “thinking partner” for your philanthropic investments. Coaching support for your charitable giving will help you:

  • Get more grounded in your passion and focus on what you really care about
  • Expand your knowledge about those challenges
  • Find out who is working on them and how
  • Understand what efforts are making positive change happen
  • Identify ways that you can contribute, where it will make the most difference
  • Make a flexible, sustainable, and effective plan

Call Mark Ewert today to find out about The Skillful Giving Coaching Package (4 sessions), and get started becoming a more skillful giver.

SailboatWe’re adrift in a sea of need. I don’t think we can paddle aimlessly in our little boats. We’ll have to stitch together sails from whatever we can find and catch the wind. On the other side of this vast ocean, there’s a new world. But it’s a better, more possible new world than all the new worlds we’ve ever known. …What we’re sailing toward is our better selves.
– Alan Alda; actor, author, and thoughtful philanthropist

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